The Grand National Lodge of Croatia

of the Ancient and Accepted Freemasons

Universal Masonry of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

The basic principles of Freemasonry


As its fundamental idea, the Freemasonry proclaims the presence of a creative principle, that goes by the name – The Great Architect of the Universe.


This idea does not impose any restrictions in the search for the truth, and to ensure that freedom of search, alloows for a complete tolerance. So, the Freemasonry is open to people of all nationalities, races and beliefs. In its Works, it does not allow any political or religious discussions; every free and moral and good intentioned profane is welcome, without any political or religious preconditions.


The Freemasonry aims to combat ignorance in all its forms; it is lifelong education whose curriculum can be summarised in

the following points:

• Obey the laws of their home country

• Live honestly

• Be just in their thoughts, decisions and actions

• Love thy neighbors

• Tirelessly act for the benefit of the Humanity

• Work on personal improvement and growth in human terms

The Freemasonry adopts and accepts all those who have a desire to belong to its Order:

• For the ascent of Man in his own eyes, to become worthy of the high mission entrusted to him on the Earth. The Freemasonry is, as its core, the highest form of freedom; freedom of the Humanity's heritage, the cause of such enlightened and strong values that cannot be equstinguished or dimmed, as it is the source of honor and dignity.

• To the people who find consolation in religion, the Freemasonry says: nourish your faith without any interference and follow your conscience. The Freemasonry is not a religion or a cult.

• James Anderson, to whom we owe the Masonic Constitutions of 1723, said: "A Freemason is obliged to obey the moral law; and if he has deep understanding of the Royal Art—he will never be without faith. Our faith consists in being good, honest, decent and honorable people, regardless of our faith in the religious sense that may set us apart."

• For those who are afraid of a political discord, Freemasonry says that in our Works any form of political discussion is not permitted.

• From a political point of view,the Freemasonry has no prejudices, as it is not a political association. However, the sense to hold high criteria in respecting individual values of the human spirit demands assurances that you do not belong to any movements that act contrary to this principle.

• Respect for national laws is a pledge of the open Freemason spirit.

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