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The Grand National Lodge of Croatia

of the Ancient and Accepted Freemasons

Universal Masonry of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

O' Lost traveler find thy symbol and your path ...

The first Constitution of the Grand National Lodge of Croatia is the fundamental Freemasonic document in Croatia. All general or special Freemasonic acts of the Republic of Croatia must comply with the constitution.

Inclusive with February 14th, 2014 (14.XII. 6013. G:.I:.S:.) The Grand National Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Croatian Freemasons - "Grand National Lodge of Croatia" (English abbreviation: GNLC, and the official Croatian abbreviation VNLH - "Velika Nacionalna Loža Hrvatske”), was established in Rijeka.

VNLH has an independent, indivisible, autonomous, sovereign and supreme power over the whole Croatian territory with regard to management degrees of Universal Freemasonry, listed below:


I Entered Apprentice Degree

II Fellow craft Degree

III Master Mason Degree


VNLH practices the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite in a single pyramid of initiation in the followed order: I - XXXIII Degree.

VNLH is an alliance of Freemasons that seeks spiritual and moral excel in people, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, social status, education, or party affiliation. It nurtures humanism and obliges its members to establish and follow the general affirmative acceptance of freedom in Conscience, Religion and the Spirit.

Foundations of Freemasonry are Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Ethics, humanity without prejudice, veracity and work on thyself.

The fundamental obligation of every Freemason is: silence, secrecy, work and obedience of the Order in accordance with the General Rules.

Freemasons must respect the laws of the country in which he lives and he must strive for the welfare of their fatherland. Freemasonry excludes adherence to the Union of any political or religious views.

VNLH consists of Lodges that operate under its protection, and operate under the protection of St. John the Evangelist, thus laying a compass and angle on the open Bible (The Holy Book) in the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.